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New RPD discussion paper looks at green power options for companies that don’t need a whole wind farm

During the last year, we’ve met with many prospective customers and attended several conferences and workshops for buyers and sellers of renewable energy. One thing we’ve heard time and again is this: The great majority of potential customers, including even fairly large companies, cannot afford and generally do not need the output of a whole off-site wind or solar farm.

So what are the options for these buyers?  RPD’s new discussion paper looks at several ways to address the “less than total wind farm” dilemma. It also profiles RPD’s own approach which is based on dividing the capacity of recently built (but under-utilized) wind and solar facilities into multiple blocks of power based on the buyer’s load and desired contract term. RPD then works with customers to negotiate follow-on agreements for additional renewable power projects.

This two-step approach has multiple benefits for buyers, not the least of which is that a buyer can quickly switch from grid power to green power and reap the associated economic and environmental benefits. This can be done without waiting for a new facility to come online or having to contract for the full output of a project.

Please get in touch if you think RPD’s approach to buying green power may work for your company. We would also welcome your comments and suggestions on the new discussion paper.