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The desire to have access to real renewable energy choice is not limited to large corporate buyers. Small businesses recognize that demonstrating support for the environment can make an impact with customers. More and more, families are demanding more choices that allow them to make a commitment to their future by electing to use green energy in their homes.

Both of these customer groups want real access to making a difference. They find that just buying a generic “green” offer that has no personal connection for them fails to create a sense of fulfillment. This makes them just as likely to switch providers as if they were buying a standard grid mix product. But how do you get that personal connection and sense of commitment?

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RPD has created a version of its direct green product for retail providers. Our program:

  • Allows customers to contractually “own” a piece of a specific, local renewable generator
  • Provides the retail electric supplier with a customer who has exhibited a stronger commitment and is less likely to abandon their contract when they get the next phone call or Door-to-Door solicitation
  • Supplies ongoing product support that reinforces the commitment between the generator and the customer

In effect, this is a more efficient version of “community aggregation,” or “garden generation,” that eliminates the risk for all parties. With RPD products, the great majority of the customer’s energy spend goes to support the renewable generator and not to traditional grid sources plus paper RECs, like yesterday’s green energy plans.

To find out more about how a customer can become part of the team with a local generator, or how a retail energy company can stem its attrition curve, contact RPD. Learn how to make a real difference with a real solution.



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