How We Do It

Customers and prospects consistently tell us what they need to make a renewable solution work for them:


“Real renewable solutions that make a difference and don’t just shift around paper credits.”

“A meaningful offer that is price competitive.”

“Practical solutions that don’t require a 20 year commitment and resources that we don’t have.”


Traditionally the market has been limited to two options:


Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

RECs can be used at any time for up to 3 years after the associated production and are designed to be used generically. In other words, your consumption will likely be offset this month from a different source than last month and may use RECs that were produced up to three years ago. This means you may not know where your green dollars are going at any given point in time. There is no sense of ownership associated with your commitment.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

PPAs are long term (15-20 year) products bought normally by utilities, typically inflexible and always very complicated, they offer the benefit of knowing exactly where your money is going since you are committed to buy from a specific renewable generation source.

How does RPD create a product that combines the benefits of a PPA with the flexibility of RECs?


First We Listen

We listen to the customer and help ascertain the goals and objectives to be met.

We Engage Local Generation

We identify renewable generation close to the site that will be consuming the power.

We Make the Complex Simple

We create a solution that allows the buyer to contract for a portion of the generation rather than the whole unit output.

You Get a Complete Solution

We design flexible price structures that look like any other retail energy product.

How We Are Different:

RPD offers simple, retail oriented contracts of 3, 5 and up to 10 years. We offer smaller contract volumes to match usage load profiles and firm quantities of supply with balancing provisions. Perhaps most importantly you have the option to keep your present retail energy supplier.




We do all the work to make it easy for our customers to buy renewable power, but the greatest differentiator with RPD is your direct connection to a local renewable generator. You have a direct contract link that gives you “ownership” of a slice of your own renewable power, an actual wind farm or solar array. You have a real story to share with customers, employees and stakeholders. Not to mention, this direct link provides greater transparency for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting.

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