Commercial and Industrial

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Benefits and Goals

Increasingly, large commercial and industrial consumers across the country are working to achieve published sustainability goals. Additionally they want to tangibly demonstrate both their commitment to a clean environment and the accrued benefits to their shareholders and customers.

Consumers in many states are offered the freedom to choose their electricity supplier and now, with RPD,  you have the same freedom and flexibility in selecting how you purchase renewable energy.

We have developed solutions that go beyond the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Now you can directly contribute to the physical dispatch of renewable energy into the grid and receive the concurrently generated RECs from a specific source.

RPD seamlessly manages an auditable contract and scheduling path from the generator to your facility using either your current retail provider or one of our strategic retail partners.

Our renewable energy solutions offer:

  • Flexibility
  • Simplified contract terms
  • A variety of competitive pricing options
  • Quantities and terms that fit your needs

You don’t have to build a wind farm to get the amount of renewable power you need for just the length of time that works for you.

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Product Structures include:

  • Fixed Price Full Requirements
  • Fixed Price Collar
  • Block/Index
  • Variable Price Settled Day-ahead or Real Time
  • Mini PPA
  • Custom designed solutions for regulated service territories

Lost in the complicated process of trying to meet your sustainability goals? We can help.

Find out about our Renewable Integration Service Evaluation – 90 days to clarity – RISE.

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We have solutions for Small Business and Residentials, too.

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