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Businesses big and small are realizing how hard it can be to buy truly green power. Onerous contracts and infrastructure requirements top the list, making purchasing difficult for all but the largest corporations. In this article on Greenbiz, Rob Collier looks into some alternative strategies, including RPD.

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RPD’s model for providing green electricity directly to large users received a major boost in December 2013 when the White House provided written guidance to federal agencies on meeting the 2020 renewable energy target of 20% that President Obama has adopted. A new Presidential Memorandum, issued on December 5, states that when agencies cannot install renewable power on-site, they should give priority to the bundled purchase of green electricity and the corresponding renewable energy certificates (RECs) — that is, follow the RPD approach, rather than simply purchasing stand-alone RECs.

For more details, see the Presidential Memorandum — Federal Leadership on Energy Management.