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The following is a word from our founder about our new Renewable Integration Service Evaluation.

Dear Friends:

I am writing to tell you about an exciting new energy advisory service now available through RPD.

It’s called RISE, or Renewable Integration Service Evaluation, and it offers corporate electricity buyers a 90 day fixed- price no-obligation review of their options for buying physical renewable electricity.

We designed this product to provide companies with a timely, cost-effective way to cut through the confusion that often surrounds the decision to “go green” and get straight to the bottom line.

The Origin of RISE

During the last three years, RPD has gained a wide range of experience in serving the corporate market for renewable electricity. We have worked with data centers, warehouse businesses, hospitals, big box retailers, universities, and grocery chains all across the country. We know the options, from on-site installation to off-site power purchase agreements (real or virtual). From direct access products to green tariffs to fractional energy contracts to community solar and more.

We understand what is involved in buying wholesale versus retail, and the various regulatory rules that apply to different state and regional electricity grids.

In short, RPD has a deep first hand knowledge of the renewable electricity business as a commercial player, and not simply as a consultant or a policy advocate.  We think that gives RPD and its professional staff – which together have over 80 years of power sector experience – a leg up on many other energy advisers.

So as more and more companies begin to look for the best way to green their electricity spend, we thought this was a good time to begin sharing our knowledge with as many businesses as possible.

What is RISE?

Let me add one final note: RPD is offering RISE as an independent, no-obligation service. RISE is not affiliated or backed by any renewable developer or supplier and is technology neutral.

RISE is also customer-driven and can be used to evaluate any physical renewable energy options selected by a customer, whether or not they include any product offered by RPD.

In short, we want RISE to work for you. I hope you’ll take the time to see if RISE makes sense for your business by following this link.

Kind regards,

Greg Staple

Founder and Chairman, RPD

The reaction to the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord is in many cases understandably emotional and passionate. The reality is, however, that American solutions to help mitigate climate change lie not in the White House, but in our offices. The inexorable move toward clean energy, energy efficiency and sustainability is being driven not by governments — but by consumer choice. Corporate greenhouse gas reduction (GHG) goals are now embedded in the fabric of businesses all across America by a commitment to drive profitability and efficiency, as well as meet the demands of company stakeholders and customers. Jobs in the renewable energy sector are rising rapidly. Corporations have found a social responsibility conscience as their customers and employees from the mail room to the board room support the move away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.

Our ability to scale renewable energy in the U.S. lies in our own energy market, not just Paris. Providing meaningful access to physical renewable power for all energy consumers at a competitive price will do more to place energy at the center of corporate and personal sustainability objectives than one President or the other. Politics cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube as long as the market continues to meet demand with more efficient, profitable, and cleaner solutions.

The U.S. is unequivocally a major global emitter of greenhouse gases. From the outcry of the last twenty-four hours, we can see that well over half the States and many large corporations remain committed to keeping their GHG reduction goals in place. For the past few years, companies like Intuit and Iron Mountain, as well as other players from the tech, manufacturing, and retail sectors have committed to a reduction or at least no increase in GHG emissions by increasing their use of renewable energy and decreasing their overall energy use through cost-effective efficiency measures. Homeowners and small businesses are increasingly seeking clean energy alternatives from their electricity providers, while energy retailers look to offer greener products at affordable prices. Corporations and energy retailers still have the ability to take an environmental leadership and stewardship role by entering into simple, transparent agreements for physical renewable energy with RPD, customized for their needs and more flexible than PPAs or onsite installations. The bottom line is that today’s energy market offers the right environment to scale renewable energy generation and offer green energy solutions.

The power to change our world has always been in the hands of the people… and it still is.

Following this month’s Presidential election, some observers have suggested that the U.S. renewable energy industry may face stiff head winds. Existing tax credits could be revisited, limits on global warming pollution are in jeopardy, and renewable energy targets might be relaxed.

On the other hand, others believe that if the federal commitment to reduce global warming pollution stalls or is diminished, voluntary actions to curb greenhouse gas emissions – such as green power purchases – will increase. After all, we know that a large majority of Americans, regardless of political party, have a positive view of wind and solar energy.

During the next year, we will begin to get a better sense as to which of these perspectives is more accurate. Whatever the outcome, however, we strongly believe that RPD’s business will continue to grow for one simple reason: our products provide major energy users with a valuable choice.

Some buyers will choose RPD’s green energy contracts primarily for economic reasons, for example, because they want to hedge their energy costs, reduce market risks or lock in an attractive price.

Others will buy our renewable products primarily for environmental reasons. They will do so to meet corporate sustainability targets, to reduce their carbon footprint or to promote a greener brand and build good will among employees and customers.

No matter the reason, RPD will continue to gain market share because energy users want choice. They want to be able to buy electricity with contracts that are right sized – in terms of volume and term – for their own needs. And they want green contracts that are price competitive with grid power, and structured to minimize their risk and meet their objectives.

In short, because RPD’s green energy contracts simply make good business sense, we know that they will be in demand under our next President just as they have been under the current one.

The last year was a good one for RPD. Our customer base is growing and our Houston office is open for business. So as you work through the implications of this election, we welcome the opportunity for a dialog about how RPD can provide a better energy choice for your company in the year ahead.