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Intuit headquarters campus, Mountain View, CA

Intuit headquarters campus, Mountain View, CA

Intuit Inc

Intuit has a strong commitment to carbon reduction strategies, and their new headquarters campus in Mountain View, CA, is a showplace for that commitment. The newest building includes an on-site solar project that provides a portion of its power, but Intuit needed an additional renewable power solution to round out its strategy. Read about RPD’s Solution for Intuit…
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TX wind

Texas wind energy

Iron Mountain Incorporated

Iron Mountain is committed to environmental stewardship. Their stated goals are to know, share and address the environmental impacts of their business including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Over the past few years, Iron Mountain has successfully implemented a number of projects to manage and reduce these emissions. In 2017, the company wanted to build on this record by sourcing green energy to meet a portion of its electric load in Texas. Read about RPD’s solution for Iron Mountain…