RPD Corporate Affinity Programs

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Sharing Our Goals

Our focus is to make buying green energy as easy as buying standard brown power. As a result, our green products are authentic, flexible, and simple:

  • Physical renewable energy sourced directly from a local generator
  • Clear contract path for reporting purposes
  • Competitive green energy price over 2 to 10 years
  • Same contracting process as for brown power
  • Promotional and branding rights from the renewable generator

Helping You Share Yours

Now you can share your corporate sustainability practices with your employees and customers. Offer them discounted green power from the same local generator serving your business, so that everyone benefits:

  • 100% green power for homes and businesses
  • Same or lower price than standard brown power supply
  • Simple contracting process
  • More dollars for your local renewable generator
  • Support for your region’s economy and environment

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Your Affinity Program in Three Steps


Step 1. RPD helps your business purchase physical green power from a local renewable generator.


Renewable Energy Generator:
Physical Power + RECs

Step 2. RPD helps your business enlist a retail energy provider to offer the same green power to your stakeholders, at a price comparable to or lower than brown power.


Simple…   Direct…
No change in service or reliability

Step 3. RPD helps your business with outreach to maximize enrollment in your Affinity Program.


100% of customer usage supported
by green power

Most “green” products are supported by unbundled vintage RECs of unknown vintage or location. RPD’s direct green Affinity program is 100% supported by physical renewable energy, plus the concurrently generated REC. And they come from a local renewable generator.

Our programs deliver many of the benefits of a large scale, long term PPA,
but we simplify the process and right-size the product to fit your energy needs.

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Contact us to help you share your green power purchases, boost future demand for renewable energy, and expand the environmental benefits of your company’s green power programs.

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Do you already have a corporate PPA/VPPA in place? Contact us for a solution that delivers more value to your business, employees, and customers.

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