RPD is committed to bringing access to green power to a broader market.
We do this by combining our commitment to environmentally responsible electric generation/consumption
with a thorough understanding of the energy markets.

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At RPD, our goal is to break through the perception of renewable energy as merely a niche in the overall energy landscape. We realize that we can do this only by developing renewable products that are as easy and cost effective to buy as traditional carbon-based grid power.

The market tools exist to make that happen and RPD brings the expertise required to use those tools to deliver renewable products to our customers in a way that works for them.

For too long, the industry has been trying to force utility scale products like long term PPAs or opaque concepts like generic Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) into a one-size-fits-all offering.

RPD is here to change that landscape and to give customers meaningful, accessible options. Our method of contractually linking the buyer directly to the renewable generator through economically sound contracts puts us a step closer to ensuring the future of renewable energy, as well as that of our planet.

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At Renewable Power Direct,
our commitment drives our values.






We invite you to learn how your company can benefit from the market’s first green power solution crafted to meet your needs on your terms.


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