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Real Green Power – No Compromise
Renewable Power Direct
We make it easier to buy real green power - not just paper
Connecting renewables buyers and sellers
You get a clear path to the green power you purchase
Flexible, simplified contracts
Create a direct link to a local renewable generator
Directly supporting green energy projects
At prices competitive with traditional carbon-based generation
Good for your business, good for our world
Meet your sustainability goals on your own terms

How RPD Works

We Make It Easier to Buy Real Green Power – Not Paper

At RPD, we tailor renewable power purchases to your needs. We arrange the dispatch of renewable power for you from proven off-site generators and then deliver energy based on flexible 3 to 10 year retail contracts. Instead of just Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), you get a direct contracting path through physical dispatch of renewable power and concurrently generated RECs directly from a site-specific renewable generation asset.

This allows you to:

  • Credit the entire green power purchase toward your sustainability goals
  • Get the RECs that correlate to the power you purchase
  • Create a direct link to your renewable generator to showcase to your customers
  • Create a new renewables marketplace

Plus… we do it at prices that are competitive with traditional carbon based generation. We think that will be good for both your budget and the environment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Are Saying

Iron-Mountain-logo-3“They are giving us a practical way to buy the green electricity for our immediate needs in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price…”

— Kevin Hagen, Director of Corporate Responsibility

“We appreciate RPD’s creative approach to supplying our Texas campus with 100 percent clean power and helping us to significantly reduce our company’s carbon footprint.”

— Sean Kinghorn, Senior Sustainability Program Manager

Buying Green Power

Buying Green Power

Custom multi-year contracts tailored to your needs.


solar-wind-rdWe specialize in working with energy-intensive companies and aggregating energy demand across numerous sites. Whether you own data centers or manufacturing facilities, buy energy for a health care campus or a chain of big box stores, we can help you “green up” your energy portfolio.

Our contracts offer flexible volumes and delivery terms. Prices may be fixed, variable, or any combination over the term. And you do not have to switch retail suppliers since RPD can arrange to deliver all (or the % of green energy you want) through your existing supplier. You can also use one of our own retail partners to handle the balance of your energy needs if you are in the mood for a change. In either case, you can choose the solution that makes sense for your business and your goals.

RPD also supplies customers with green branding rights so they can publicize their wind or solar generation purchases and enhance their corporate reputation.

Business Renewables Center Sponsor

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RPD is a  proud member of SPLC and a founding sponsor of the Business Renewables Center. Please contact us for a copy of the Center’s primer about RPD.