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Latest: RPD Pioneers Green Affinity Plan For Intuit Employees and Customers


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Renewable Power Direct
We make it easier to buy real green power - not just paper
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Connecting renewables buyers and sellers
You get a clear path to the green power you purchase
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Flexible, simplified contracts
We create a direct link to a local renewable generator
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Directly supporting green energy projects
You get prices competitive with carbon-based generation
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Good for your business, good for our world
You can meet your sustainability goals on your own terms

Real Green Power — No Compromise

RPD offers practical, affordable, and meaningful solutions to help corporate customers meet sustainability goals through direct access to renewable generation. That means providing flexible solutions at a competitive price.  We do that without the complexity of long term PPAs or the uncertainty of traditional Renewable Energy Credits.

For example, our latest solution for Intuit involves developing a product for small business and residential customers in Texas that leverages Intuit’s corporate buying power and passion for sustainability. This program dovetails with our commitment to help all customer segments find affordable, easy avenues to renewable energy solutions. Through RPD, you can access real green energy as easily as you buy traditional retail power. Read more in our blog.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

What Our Customers Say


“They are giving us a practical way to buy the green electricity for our immediate needs in the right quantity, at the right time, in the right place and at the right price…”

— Kevin Hagen, Director of Corporate Responsibility

“We appreciate RPD’s creative approach to supplying our campuses with 100 percent clean power and helping us to significantly reduce our company’s carbon footprint. Our new program in Texas is intended to build on our work and enables Texas residents to leverage Intuit’s green buying power getting them great pricing and helping the environment at the same time. We hope to bring this program to other states and customers in the near future.”

— Sean Kinghorn, Senior Sustainability Program Manager

Business Renewables Center Sponsor



RPD is a founding sponsor of the Business Renewables Center. Please contact us for a copy of the Center’s primer about RPD.

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